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What Was Your Scariest Travel Experience

I was reading something somewhere on the Internet about scariest travel experiences. It interests me because I have had my own experiences, which were scary but also very amazing.

Major travel setbacks of mine

The scariest travel experience for me was an Irish bus driver. My sister and her husband were in Ireland on their honeymoon. They were staying in a castle and not in the city. When the bus left the parking lot for the hotel, all the attendants seemed very kind and let us off. However, when we were walking to our hotel, one of the attendants wanted to charge us for the 10-minute walk! We said no, but he did ride with us for about a mile!

My other scary travel experience was due to a crime. I was staying at a youth hostel on the island of Ibiza in Spain. While I was there, a local who lived in the hostel next door was asked to move out of his room. He said he needed to move because there was a rat in the room.

I was asked to accompany the local to get the room demolished and to bring me to the new place. My sister and I were walking down the hall and talking when the local barges passed us. We looked at each other and decided to go along with him. We followed him through the building and out again. I looked inside a bathroom and saw a large rat climbing on the counter with its mouth hanging halfway out. The poor fellow was sloshing around in the drainage system above the room. That is where the rats figure out how to get into houses!

I have had other incidents while traveling. An Indian curry restaurant in England was serving us. The food was good but our waiters were giving us a real What’s Her problem? attitude. We asked them pointedly what problem and they answered promptly “You have a cow!”

Traveling with pets

One time in Italy a sheep was running loose in the corner of the restaurant patio. I had to catch it and feed it to keep it from being poached. Fortunately, it ran free this whole time.

One of my favorite animals is the stray cats that call the buffet table home. They are allowed to hang out there and I love watching them. Although I don’t have a dog or a cat I can still appreciate them sitting there eating and sleeping like they are some sort of animated museum exhibit.

My neighborhood has a large stray population of around 30 cats that call the local condo homes home. Most of the condo owners are very wonderful and consider the cats as part of their family. However, there are a few who make it a point to house sit for a week or so when their pets are in town. Those condo owners know that if they have a vacant room they will at least rent it to a reliable neighbor rather than advertise it. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The cats will stay in their place and you can call ahead and find a free house.

If you are traveling with a pet you need to find a hotel that allows it. Some hotels will accommodate you but there are also some with policies such as no pets welcome. When you make a reservation you need to verify that pets are allowed. Many of the hotels will provide you a card that details your pet’s acceptable species.

Make sure to bring enough food and water for your pet. You will need a cooler and plenty of drinks. You can also consider hiring a pet sitter rather than staying in a hotel. This is a service that will provide your pet with food and bedding, running water, and provide yard care. A pet sitter can also shop for your pet’s food and get it delivered to your home. Most pet owners leave their pets in a kennel and take them with them wherever they go on vacation. Shopping for food and supplies at a local grocery store can be difficult, so it is good to plan and have a place to shop where your pets can be comfortable and well-fed.

Traveling with pets brings with it many rules and regulations. However, you must remember these tips to ensure a smooth trip.

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