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Weekend Gateway in Malta

The most important thing is to organize yourself and say hello to the staff. Most of the young guests come from European and US countries. These countries indeed have more impressive and modern cities than the ancient towns with their history gone for ages. Also, these countries are more advanced when it comes to health, fitness, and sanitation.

Ther perfect activities to do

If you come on a holiday to relax it is not enough to sit at home and read a book. You must get yourself involved in the life of the locals, watch them at the parc, and patronize the local restaurants and nightlife. Go shopping and do not just rest on the beds, busy yourself doing something active. Eat a little and move more. Take the time to know the people around you.

Stroll around the local market and chat with the locals, go to the cinema and pick up some filmy film from the local cinema and relax at the warmth of the Dona Ana private swimming pool (19 Euros). If you do not have an inexpensive day to use the swimming pool use the stairs, loads of locals are already Drop-In for a morning coffee (15 Euros), and some pick and mix sweets (14 Euros) for breakfast.

Okay, you did not have to Last Minute scramble to the Euroasion but it sure is nice to come and stay in a familiar and friendly Hostel. Do not book in advance to Armory you have to be at the hostel at 8.30 pm, this is not only for locals but also for those to drop-ins too. You can get dropped in the evening for a tour and selected to stay overnight in the hostel, it is not over price and very appreciated, especially at this season.

Even more, some of the Bed and Breakfast places are booked out months in advance while the others are still half booked. By late September the number of beds has to be at least 6 or 7. You can thus be sure to get a spot, it is quite odd to finish Vacationing in the Hotel, you thought you were going to book in late September and the next few weeks be in a completely booked state. But, this is the way it works in Malta, trust me on this, it is the way it works in Malta, Go Vacation!

Malta is also a moderate tourist destination in winter. Still not as big as other destinations, but Malta is the Mediterranean, so mild and pleasant temperatures are a must, along with light clothing.

Some places are adapting to the wintertime, this is not only true for the Maltese but also the Nordic countries. Here it is best to dress in layers because the nights can be quite cold without ceiling fans. Most places reserve absolutely winter clothing like a coat and gloves. For colder days, a jumper should be brought, as well as thick socks.

Another thing that is not to be forgotten is that Malta is a very long country, so you must mention some sightseeing tips to make your journey longer.

The Maltese traditions

The Maltese are big on family traditions, and often when the children are tired, Parents call a midwife to attend to them. In this way, neighbors can lend a hand and guarantee each other an Internet café is available and not Tel Aviv one.

Something that you must make sure is available is a separate compartment on trains where you can place soft drinks. Also, keep handy a bottle of water. You can also borrow from the attendants at the hotel. examining in the public don’t forget to bring your passport.

Try to make dinner interesting by carrying soup or sandwiches. As little as only sandwiches with butter and crackers. The water supply is limited but it is enough to just enjoy your dinner. If you don’t prefer to eat in your room, consider one of those fancy restaurants in Sheraton Towers. Just remember to bring your heartiest breakfast.

Use the hotel gym or the swimming pool or repair to get a change of scene. Don’t forget the chaise-longues or better yet, invite a friend to share a room with you, even if you are sleeping.

Play tennis or pick up a volleyball ball or want to perfect your cooking skills, try your level of expertise with a cooking class watched by a resident chef. Pick up some ingredients and return to your room early so that you can enjoy a filling breakfast and some great socializing with co-hosts from around the world.

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