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Top 6 Menorca Secrets

If you’ve enjoyed the superb food and lively atmosphere of Menorca, villa holidays have plenty more secret delights on offer to increase your enjoyment of this gorgeous island. Villa holidays allow you to be a foodie in a setting that isn’t typical of many Mediterranean islands, while also enjoying fantastic facilities that many claims are among the best in the world.

Here are three of the best-kept secrets of the island that you won’t find in the brochures.

The Hidden Room

In Ciutadella, an interesting space called the Hidden Room can be found at the top of the resort’s tallest building. A walk up to the corner of the room reveals an entire wall covered in artwork, including royal hunting scenes and a depiction of the island’s patron saint, Saint Fahouet. According to legend, the Hidden Room was a gift given by the mayor of Ciutadella to his patron’s daughter as a token of her gratefulness. The artist also left behind a coin purse containing 1,000,000 sesterces, payable to the city upon her death. It is said that the coin purse still stands guard over the girl’s body and that the deadly remnants of the coin purse are scattered around the island’s corners.

The Three Hills

 categorically best seen at dusk or in the early morning, when the three mysterious hills, with their creaking volcanoes poking through the clingiest clouds, seem to tower over the island. ascended by the sun, the dizzying heights provide the perfect backdrop for such magical scenes as the delicate house lights on the top of the hills, reflecting in the still waters of the Bogra River below.

The Masticator

With its flights of steps carved into its sidewalls, the Masticator is perhaps the most impressive of the ancient Mayan temples on the island. As you walk up the steps you’ll be afforded a unique view of the temple’s construction through carved out sections of stone and outlined by painted ceramics. According to local legend, the temple was designed by two Mayan brothers and the Date was their palazzo or center. Like many of the other Mayan temples on the island, theMasticatoris a magical place, buzzing with life and beckoning you to come inside.

The Aputanzean

Also known as the monkey temple, the Aputanzean is the world largest masticate temple and is in the northwest of the island. Built-in the 6th century, it was used as a central operation for the Mayan Priests and has replaced many of the Priests over the years. Decorated with large amounts of chocolate painted bright yellow, you can be sure to feast on a spot of dining here during your stay on the island.


To the east of the capital is the seaside town of Ayacucho, a bustling town full of outdoor cafes to accommodate the town’s large fishing fleet. It’s well worth a morning stroll to see the fishing boats returning with their daily catch of cod and the delicious shrimp that the coast provides. The temple of Offer Carson can also be found here, with its huge replica of a wooden crucifix hanging from the ceiling.


Nahuanot is part of a village group of fairly recent origin, with inhabitants recording their earliest origins as having been founded in the 16th century. To the east of the town is the site of the famous Eyes of Trinity Retreat, described by some as the most beautiful place in all of Puerto Vallarta. It offers the best view of the city’s hub, providing you with the best view of Banderas Bay all while having the comfort of a monastery to help you as you retreat.

If you’ve come to Puerto Vallarta for a comprehensive holiday package, it’s highly recommended that you stay in one of the numerous resorts, cottages, villas, etc. available for your accommodation. These will provide you with a private and relaxed setting, allowing you to forget any concerns as you unwind.

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