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The Top Five Classic Train Rides in the World

Train or otherwise, traveling by train is an experience that’s always exciting. Whether you’re traveling long-distance or short-distance, undertaking a journey of a lifetime, or simply relaxing, there’s always something to do on a train. Luckily, there are plenty of great train adventures to choose from – but only five?

Here are the top five classic train rides in the world according to TripAdvisor:

1. Gondola ride. Rome. This opulent gondola ride takes you to three of the most famous and grandest casinos of the Italian city of Rome. Built in the 1920s and originally called the “Palio”, from which the word “gondola” is derived, it boasts a height of55 meters and a speed of 80 km/h making it one of the most advanced versions of the wheeled gondola. Taking a leisurely ride down the River Tiber, in this case between the San Lorenzo and the Piazza Santa Maria, the ride lasts 2.5 hours – but it seems perfectly possible to walk or drive down the gondola itself.

2. The Smithsonian. The Smithsonian is a daily Sunday night ride that starts at the Washington Monument and gives passengers a ride through the capital’s impressive architecture. National flags wave rhythmically at the top of the tower and the walkways are decorated with red, yellow, and blue bunting, hence the name.

3. The Orient Express. The original express train can be caught from Lincoln to Detroit and back. In America’s only caboose, built in the turn of the 20th century, you can sit back and watch the landscape go by as you enjoy a relaxing ride. Not to forget, you can also check out the bumpy ride back in a canoe – courtesy of theTips instructed by the river guide.

4. The Cape Orient Express. The Cape Orient is the name of a twice-weekly train service with a round-trip journey of approximately 225 miles between Myra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. Today, the innervation for the Cape Orient Express tops out at eleven travelers, so make sure you book early. Formally South Africa’s only steam train, the Cape Orient Express offers an entertaining and informative trip for the whole family.

5. De Waterkant. The Cape’s most famous haunted house. Several paranormal investigators have investigated the property and have come away with interesting results. On the first Saturday of every month, one of the spirits of those who died in the house to investigate their rooms.

From Cape Town to Durban, Kwa-l-O-Ngari to Namibia – Cape Town offers adventure and discovery at every turn. Once you’ve visited these wonderful cities, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to explore the surrounding area. The Cape Peninsula, the Tri-Trang mountains, the warm sea, the cold sea, and all of this await.
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