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The History of Disneyland

It is very much the American dream to set your ambitions high no matter how great they are, and one man did just that to become a world-famous toy designer. His father was a railroad engineer. Walt Disney originally came from Austria, and came to the United States with his family in 1953. Walt Disney used to live in Anaheim California and he and his family always intended to return to his native home. In 1967, a luxury hotel in nearby Anaheim California became the home of the Walt Disney World Hotel. This hotel was highly innovative and attractive. When it was built it was the first hotel that used Article I of the California Declaration of Independence. This document stated that every state has the right to determine the maximum limits of its territory. This document was later referred to as California’s Natural Resources Act of 1953. In 1984 California’s new constitution added a sales tax to the state sales tax. This act was also referred to as the Education Quality Act of 1986.

What was the start point

The hotel which is now referred to as the Disney Merriweather Post Pavilion in Disney World Florida became the home of the Disneyland Resort. The plans of the Disney Corporation were always geared on building more properties like this. With the acquisition of the Great America properties in 1982, they now have a combined property which includes the California Adventure, Disneyland, and Hollywood Park. In 1992 the Californian Democratic Convention Center in Santa Monica was built. The construction work for this coastal attraction continued as there were always large crowds of tourists arriving for the Filed, to watch the ballet in California, partly to see the new Toy Story. In 1994 the Port Aventura residential development was completed. The old abandoned hotel in Malibu which was located on thirds of a mile from the Port of Los Angeles was razed and re-ratification of the commercial portion of the area began.

In 2001 the old Essential Travel Bureau near the racetrack was acquired by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and under the umbrella of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the Santa Monica Mountains Club the old Essential Travel, Bureau has been renovated at the Disney’s expense. Some useful tips while traveling in California, you can find in my recent post.

Here you child dreams come true

The Santa Monica Visitors Bureau is operated by city employees who are dedicated to the support of the visitors of Santa Monica. They also have an incredible line full of information on the history of the city. If you have the time during the summer, it is well worth your time to visit the museums and display these pictures in your home. The historic Santa Monica Mountains are just a short walk from the historic Old Zoo. It is very similar to what I saw in the Smoky Mountains. Read my story if you missed.

For a fun and interesting California vacation, the place to go from the old school to the new school is Naturally Restaurants. This restaurant is part of the California Restaurants in the West. It provides you with an outside door where you can have a creative self serv business. How does that sound, interesting?

Passes for the restaurants, wine and merchandise are all available at the convenient coupons. These can be found at the official website: You don’t have to be a guest to taste the great food but you do have to purchase a reservation. The best thing to do is to call the reservation line at 1-800-946-2274 to ensure your reservations.

For those of us who prefer the outdoor, we have the table mates. This great product is very comfortable and blocks out the wind!

If you like to see wildlife in it provides a view similar to the canopy tour of the over top of the great social Security Administration Building.

Imagine walking down the beautiful California coastline in the summertime. The stoplights and cell phones just make for a picturesque view. We can’t leave enough of the world for you to see without including the oceans. Escape to an oasis without elevator galleries, IMAX theaters, roller coaster rides, the sundeck, and garden. Near the yacht club, this great oasis is just across the street. Take a romantic stroll way that leads to a culinary adventure with sensational food. How about Sunset or Dolphin for dinner? Take a leisurely walk on the boardwalk with a romantic and relaxing view of the world. No matter how you want to take in this glorious scenery, it’s available. It’s all available.

On the food note, I suggest the seafood. The USA is one of the best places to find this economical type of food. I generally don’t care for hot BBQ’s but those BBQs in San Antonio are unbelievable. At first bite, the seafood is tender, succulent, and very fresh. All your favorites including shrimp and Crawfish. Yum! Just don’t overindulge. Eat just the appetizer portion. The rest of the meal will be too pricey.

For those of you who have United wines, grab United wines while you’re there. Wines have been made a little fancier in the last couple of years but they still taste great.

Of course not as good as in the Sassari region of Sardinia. The story of my journey there you can read here.