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Ten Things You Can Do in Brunei

Brunei is the nation that is located in the south-east corner of the Indonesian island of Bali. In case you plan to visit Brunei, here are the ten things that you can expect from this small country.

1) Arboretum

A visit to Brunei is made a lot more special because of the arboretum. If you want to experience the beauty of forests at its best, visit this park filled with more than 2,000 trees of 40 different species. You will also see many types of birds and also fallow deer.

2) Sultan Park

This park is located on the west coast of Brunei. In this park, you will find the largest mangrove forest in the whole region. Boom village here will take you back in time when the wooden forests were used as living quarters by the royals back in the 19th century.

3) Jimbaran Sites

(These are sites located at the northwest of Brunei. 10000 Islands, true wonders of the world are located right here.) Here, you will see a lot of tropical plants and animals, along with a lot of tourists. Deals for these visits are not so rich, but if you have a Brunei ID, you can get a free entrance ticket.

4) Princes Garden

This garden, more than any other in Brunei, is said to be the copy of the garden that was created by the sultan, in the royal palace. It has a monumental garden house, with many halls placed around it. The trees in the garden are cherished by all, and a walk in the park is considered a treat.

5) Beach

When you visit Brunei, be sure to visit its beaches. These two beaches, Bandar An Sultan and Brunei International Balloon Range, are the most popular, but there are others as well. Many people love to go to exotic beaches.

6) Shopping

Your visit to Brunei will truly be incomplete if you do not shop. Because of its petroleum and natural gas reserves, Brunei is a great shopping paradise. How so? Here are some ” shopping malls” prices for you to get a better deal.

7) Food

Frankenhof is considered to be the food paradise in the whole world. This is so because of the wide variety of plants and animals here. If you love flowers, then you will surely love Frankenhof as it has a lot of gardens and parks.

8) Diving

Kampung Air Banggai is highly regarded as the best place for diving in the whole world. Not only is it the home of the well-known coral reefs, but there are also lots of shipwrecks to go under. You will also see here some dinghies and fishing boats.

9) Museums

The museum in Brunei isn’t very well-known yet, but it already got a remarkable collection of cultural things. There are two major museums here. One is the Maritime Museum, and the other is the Museum of the History of Brunei.

10) Arabian Horse

You can see this horse in Brunei. Since it’s a part of the sultan’s palace, you can see this horse whenever you want. It’s like the example of a modern king here. He brought a completely different image of the horse. That’s why there could be a long queue to get here.

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