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Manchester Airport Train Station — Tips For Travelers

In 1993, Apart from a second air terminal, an Airport station made its way into Manchester Airport, England. The Manchester airport train station was built to make direct transport from city to airport for people.

The Manchester airport train station is located within the airport and offers ready access to all terminals. Trains from Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly run every ten minutes, seven days a week. Pre-paid tickets can be issued from the ticket office or the self-service ticket machine.

The 3rd platform inaugurated in December 2008 cost a total of £15 million. It increased the operational timings of the trains and solved the problem of late-runnings. The current platforms large enough to accommodate two trains of four carriages. A fourth platform was suggested in 2012 to allow the use of longer trains of six carriages or more.

Where is Manchester Airport Train Station situated?

The Manchester airport train station is located 15.7 km south of Manchester Piccadilly, the central train station in Manchester. Manchester Metrolink also is connected to the line that goes to Manchester airport train station. The entire airport station is extended from terminal 1 to terminal 3.

To access the airport train station, one has to travel through the triangular junction between Styal and Heald Green. The various station platforms are interconnected by lifts, escalators, ramps, and a covered walkway known as the Skylink. All these passages can be traced to the Manchester airport train station map.

All through the airport, the Manchester airport train station is referred to as ‘The Station’.

Getting From Manchester Airport to The Train Station

Manchester Airport train station is a 10-15 minute walk from the airport terminals via the Skylink walkway meaning there’s no real need to take a shuttle bus unless you have a lot of luggage or reduced mobility.

More and more people are choosing this convenient mode of transport. The Manchester airport train station to terminal 1 is a 10-15 min walk away from terminals. The walk is indoors via the Skylink walkway. Manchester Airport train station to terminal 3 distance is almost the same as terminal 1.

Even for tourists, it has proved to be a useful facility as all the information, including the Manchester airport train station map is readily available. All the terminals have signs and boards that direct passengers towards the train station.

Manchester Airport train station to terminal 1 although small distance if in a hurry just walking may not be convenient. In such a case, a shuttle bus can be used. The shuttle bus can also be found from Manchester airport train station to terminal 3.

The easiest way to get from the Airport to Manchester

Trains from Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly station in the city center take around 20 minutes. The distance between Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly is 8 miles. The Manchester airport train station has trains that run every 10 minutes, seven days a week, through train operators TransPennine Express and Northern Rail.

While this is the easiest way and more cost-effective, there are other alternates. Like the taxi stand is accessible right outside terminal 1.

The rail network is the easiest as all the routes are well explained on maps, and the trains are on-time and regular. One can get a train, even on weekends.

Why To Choose Train To Manchester Airport

A convenient train link makes it easier to get from cities in the north of England to the Manchester airport train station. Places like Leeds, Sheffield, and Liverpool are all within easy reach to the station.

Manchester Airport train station is just next to Terminal 2. Between the train station and Terminal 2, one can find hotels connected to the Skylink. Thus facilitating an overnight stay at the airport in case of an early flight or layover.

The advantage of taking the train to the airport is that it can directly connect the passenger to the terminals. It eliminates the extra search and is very convenient and cost-effective.

The following facilities are also available at the Manchester airport train station-

  • Toilets- including facilities for breastfeeding and diaper changing
  • Station Buffet
  • Shops
  • ATM
  • Postbox
  • Telephones
  • Access for disabled people- wheelchairs, ramp and induction loop systems

Where To Buy Cheap Tickets Online on Train

The Manchester Aiport train station tickets can be bought online as well. When booked in advance train tickets from Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly can start from as little as £2.90. They are usually more expensive if purchased on the same day. Other factors like time of day, route, and booked class affect the prices.

The tickets can be bought on the Manchester airport website. Other websites where tickets can be booked are Trainline, Transpennine Express, and Northern. While there is no guarantee regarding the amount of discount, booking tickets online indeed is convenient.

The tickets can also be bought at the station itself in case of an emergency or unplanned layover. Even if the carriage is booked, the passenger won’t have to wait for long as the trains are relatively regular and are well connected to Manchester’s leading rail network.

In a nutshell, the manchester airport train station connects to the rest of manchester through elaborate train lines and is cheaper than other modes of transport.


The Manchester airport train station is a modern solution to the travel problem and has proven very systematic and efficient. The travel gap between the passengers and the airport has decreased tremendously since the train station’s advent.

Though there was an initial hindrance of lesser trains and delays, with the inclusion of more platforms, the train station became more widespread and started working smoothly. The inclusion of additional platforms helps increase the number of trains to carry more passengers.

Now the trains run every day even on weekdays and facilitate travel. Airports can adopt such a method worldwide to make the overall travel experience more comfortable, systematic, and cost-efficient for all the passengers.


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