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The Ultimate Moroccan Experience

To truly immerse yourself in Morocco’s culture and to taste the Moroccan cuisine in action, you need to stay in the city of Casablanca. Casablanca is the principal city of Morocco’s northern 580,000-population country. Many who come here for a vacation get to know the city via the many tourist attractions. To get a feel of the Moroccan countryside, one should visit the small village of yield which has a very charming and historic Moorish castle and a walking tour, to begin with.

The climate and the history of Morocco

The climate is warm and dry. The sun is shining in the late summer months, so you can enjoy a sea of pinks and greens with all of its beauty. The scenery is fantastic. This is the time when you can enjoy Moroccan street food such as the meat kebab and the salad of pickled vegetables. Summer evenings tend to get quite cold though.

There are excellent Morocco tours that can be taken from any of the cities that make up the Moroccan kingdom. You will take a car or plane to Casablanca, to begin with, and then complete the journey by road to Rabat. imperial tours and grand tour packages are offered by many of the tour operators in Morocco, so the choices are endless.

The history of Casablanca is a long one, going back to the time when the Romans ruled the region and have left their mark on the architecture. Nowadays, the Islamic faith is the religion of the majority of the inhabitants, and a range of wonderful mosques can be seen standing beside the famous harbors of the city.

Casablanca is also famed for its hectic nightlife and this is often symbolized by the many clubs that have come up in and around the city. The district of the Arqueb district is the place to be if you are looking to party the night away. This area boasts a top place in the number of nightclubs in Morocco, so you can expect to find a lot of people having their time there.

You can expect to find a range of accommodation establishments in Casablanca. Backpackers may be best to start their accommodation search in this district as it is the most popular with the younger generation. Many are completely devoted to providing their guests with the best nightlife experience that they can. A bit similar to what I saw in the Philippines.

Other cities of Morocco

Rabat is another district in Morocco that is often included in packages for Moroccans. The capital of Morocco, Rabat offers a spectacular mixture of culture and history. The medina is probably the best place to begin a tour of the city. The old forts and palaces are slowly being restored while the city is developing alongside a garden city at the same time.

The palace of Mohamed II is the best place to start. This is a palace that is completely dedicated to relaxation and tourism that shows the world what real royalty ought to look like.

If you venture north you will probably find the city of Tangiers. There are many reasons why this city was favored by the kings of Morocco. Including the omniscient and English-speaking population, the cleanliness of the city, and the entertainment provided by its numerous casinos.

The historic city of Fez is often included in packages for Morocco. The historic walkways and alleyways help to bring the city to life and there are many good cafes and bars as well as great places to stay. Fez is also known for its unique market. There is a bunch of Resort Clubs as well.

Overall, if you choose Casablanca for your vacation destination there are so many things to see and do. The combination of the sea and the mountains with the traditional Moorish architecture, culture, and cuisine makes this city a precious destination.