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7 Tips to Travel Light

Touring around the world is a pleasure. Bags are dropped at airports, checked into hotels, and carried on trains. Hardly anything is taken home – and that too carefully.

You’d surely like your bags to be lighter than the bag itself. But the heavier your bag is, the more complicated it is to carry it.

So how do you lighten your load and still have enough room in your carry on? Simple – leave out as much weight as you can. The rule of thumb is to layout your clothes so they take up the least amount of space. Keep one pair of shoes, two pairs of pants, a bonus pair of socks, and don’t forget your raincoat or jacket if you’re going overseas.

You should also cut back on the size and weight of all your items. Smaller items such as your toothbrush can be replaced with a spare pair of glasses. Bring only one pair of wheeled toiletries and throw the rest in the suitcase. You can buy all your toiletries in the local drug stores if you prefer.

For shirts, you can leave the sleeves on the jacket. You can also reduce the size of your shirts by removing the sleeves. Save room by placing items such as your earplugs in your shoes.

Pack only one pair of evening dress shoes. If you have to bring extra shoes, consider buying an Izod or other handbag.ashort. You can shed your coat or jacket, but you’ll need to find a place to keep it. Take only two pairs of trousers. Stripes are not allowed, and you should take one pair in your carry-on and one pair in your checked luggage. When you remove your shoes, you should remove all your clothes – this will leave you with a lot fewer clothes to take home.

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